The BBC’s Damian Grammaticas has travelled to a tsunami-hit town in eastern Japan and says in the report, “Yuriage” once a pleasant fishing port housing more than 7,000 people before 3.11, but has been “wiped from the map” and rubble is all that remains.

As a part of “Yuriage Renaissance Project” initiated by local architectural farm SHAA, Machi-cafe was established as a community centre run by volunteers represented by Tamaki Haryu. It served local people who lost their homes to keep in contact with their relatives and friends. The centre offered facilities such as internet and printing services, workshop for cooking & craft-work, conference and relaxation space.

Yuriko ONO, a board member of Act for has visited “Machi-Cafe” together with Shizuka Haryu and Sachiyo Honda from at grand opening of the centre.

Report on “Machi-Cafe” by Yuriko Ono published in Free Paper Petits Pois Belgium Aug 2011 edition.