Joint exhibition of Photography, the collection from Seiichi Motohashi and Shuji Akagi. 

A trilogy of photo collection on Chernobyl by photographer/film director Seiichi Motohashi, "Infinite Embrace", "Nadya'sVillage" and "Alexei and the Spring". Motohashi has traveled to the disaster-stricken areas around chrnobyl (former 
Sovient Union, the republic or Ukraine) making his motif the prople who continue to live in their 'Homelands' tainted bythe nuclear accident. In these 3 photo collections and 2 films he has documented the sparkle of life in the people beingjeoardized who continue ot live as they have for enctruies on the land where they were born in contaminated areas of
Republic of Belarus. Fukushima Traces 2011-2013 by Shuji Akagi, begins with a photograph taken the day after 3.11 of a road riddled with
cracks, and ends with a photograph taken mid-2013 at the garden of the author's own house in Fukushima-City where the
contaminated soil had been removed and replaced with new soil. A part of this massive archive of tweets posted over a
two yearand three month period of time has been recorded as a book organized chronologically.