Sally Warihashi

2nd Chief Representative and Co-Founder, Founder VINOWA SPRL Belgium

A versatile Business Consultant specialized in the field of Research and Analysis covering the sectors of Diet & Health, Well-being and Human Capacities. The Founder of VINOWA SPRL, a cross cultural event and marketing facilitator, based in Brussels since 2007.

She is actively involved in international social activities in relation to raise collective consciousness towards a world of sustainable society. She promotes cultural, social & educational events through organization of workshop, seminar and interactive courses. Currently promoting Arigato Zen, a voice-meditation method developed by Dr. Soho Machida based on his 20-yrs of experience in the Rinzai School, one of three Zen Buddhism Temple in Japan, together with his international academic experience in the Integrated Arts & Sciences. Sha also supports a global facilitation of social art film screening of “Jun Ai” and its vision of “One World, One Love, One Family”.