BOARD MEMBER, Co-Founder ROSAS BELGIUM, participated in “Festival d’Avignon 2007” together with Benjamin Verdonck and Alain Platel with the Dance Performance Project “NINE FINGER” 2007.


In 1979, she entered MUDRA, Maurice Béjart’s dance school, where she met Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.  In 1983 she joined the newly-founded company rosas. Between 1983 and 2008 she contributed to the creation of and danced in almost all the productions: Rosas danst Rosas, Elena’s Aria, Bartók / Aantekeningen, Mikrokosmos, Ottone,Ottone, Stella, Achterland, Toccata, Just Before, Drumming, I said I, In Real Time,Rain, April me, the Repertory Evening, Bitches Brew / Taco- ma Narrows, Kassandra, Raga for the Rainy Season, D’un soir un jour, Zeitung and the revivals of Mozart / Concert Arias and Woud.  Fumiyo also contributed to several of rosas’ films and videos: Repetitions,  Hoppla!, Monoloog van Fumiyo Ikeda op het einde van Ottone Ottone, Ottone Ottone I & II, Achterland, CounterPhrases and Rosa directed by Peter Greenaway,       Alongside her activity within rosas, Fumiyo Ikeda also worked with Steve Paxton, Needcompany, Josse De Pauw and Tom Jansen. She has participated in several films and theatre plays. In 2007 she created Nine Finger with Benjamin Verdonck and Alain Platel. This performance was selected for the Festival d’Avignon 2007. She appeared in the production in pieces, a collaboration with the British playwright and director Tim Etchells that premiered in june 2009. She performed in Life and Times, Episode 2, a performance in collaboration with Nature Theater of Oklahoma (2010). Since last season,  she is the rehearsal director of Rosas danst Rosas. In 2013 she created amness with the Japanese dancer Un Yamada. She performed in Absence, a piece by Peter Verhelst and Eric Joris, in 2015