Kosi Hidama

1st Chief Representative, Initial Co-Founder, Board Member, Creative Designer


Kosi Hidama was born in Okayama, Japan.

He came over to Belgium in 1993 to work as a dancer. His carrier in dance and performance with Belgian and European artists brought him to the essence of Occidental aesthetics.

Meanwhile living as a foreigner in Europe Hidama discovered the profound value of Japanese culture that could still offer various possibility of beauty and philosophy.

After the catastrophic earthquake followed by a tremendous tsunami and nuclear accident in Fukushima Hidama met potters who had to evacuate for their life.

This experience gave him sorrowful feelings to not only artisans in Fukushima but all the traditional skillful works that is disappearing internationally.
In the same time he was fascinated by the possibility of pottery as an art format.
Then he decided to start creating pottery work by himself to see what Japanese culture in him could offer in Europe.

Soon after he started study pottery at Academie Beeldende Kunsten Anderlecht in Brussels. Axel Vervoordt became interested in Hidama’s work. And in the end of 2013 Vervoordt asked him to produce pottery together.
Now Hidama is working for both Axel Vervoordt company’s production and his own creation.